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Energy Gel Review: Clif Shot – Razz

Taste, consistency, performance tests, and everything else you need to know to see if Clif Shot – Razz from Cliff Bar is the best energy gel for you. Everything is ranked according to my evaluation criteria.

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  1. Clif Bar does not include added minerals/vitamins/BCAA’s in their Clif Shot product. Their reasoning is that these things are good for general health but don’t give any performance boost. Check out my Gu reviews for more details.
  2. While Clif shot doesn’t share the exact quantities of sugars they put in Clif Shot, you can surmise from the ingredients list that they use maltodextrin and cane syrup with the larger portion being from maltodextrin. Since maltodextrin is long-chain glucose and cane syrup is a glucose/fructose blend, you can safely assume they follow the glucose/fructose mix research (see Gu).



  1. Taste: Very strong flavor, like a little kid’s raspberry-flavored candy, but not in a good way. It’s especially bad when you compare it to how great Clif Shot – Chocolate tasted.
  2. Consistency (see video): like caramel.
  3. Sweetness: very sweet.
  4. Texture: smooth.
  5. Aftertaste: thick and sugary.
  6. Ease of use (see video): Again, I love and hate this tear-top design. It’s a great attempt at reducing litter, but in practice it’s incredibly annoying to take the mental energy to figure out which side to tear and then not tear too hard so as to rip the leash off. On the other hand, the caramel consistency combined with the medium-sized mouth provides some of the best protection against creating messes out of any running energy gel on the market.



  1.  Quality of Ingredients/ Artificial ingredients: another love/hate with Clif. It’s great that 90% of the ingredients are organic, but I care about 100% of my body. They only have one ingredient with a scientific name (potassium citrate) for a total of 7 ingredients (score!). The rest sound fairly natural.
  2. Flavorings:  just raspberry juice concentrate!
  3. Preservatives:  none.
  4. Allergens:  none.



$1.25. Low price for a running energy gel if you are minimalist and health-focused.

Running Energy Gel Bottom Line 

A dramatic fall in ratings from Clif Shot – Chocolate, but the main strength simply didn’t carry over since the taste was terrible. In terms of performance, I can’t give them a high rating until they provide a) their sugar profile and b) the reason they use that sugar profile. Clif just puts out a product and doesn’t provide any research, which is annoying. Their health and value stats are still great, so that’s the only thing saving this product.

Check out more Clif Shot – Razz reviews and prices over at Amazon to see if this is the best energy gel for you!


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