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Energy Gel Review: Accel Gel – Chocolate

A product from a company called Pacific Labs, Accel Gel – Chocolate aims for the high end of the running energy gel market. Everything is ranked according to my evaluation criteria.

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Energy Gel Performance 

Key Notes:

1) Their main claim to fame is their patented 4:1 carbs/protein formula. Of course, the general benefit of a 4:1 ratio has been known about for awhile and is used in some major products. From what I can find, it’s also mainly touted as a recovery formula, not a during-exercise performance boost. As always, do your own running energy gel research.

2) This is minor, but to me it seems deceptive. On the Accel Gel site there are 6 studies purporting to show the efficacy of their product. Of them, only one makes the relevant comparison: carbohydrate gel vs carb+protein gel (FYI the comparison was favorable for Accel Gel). My problem is that the rest of the studies do things like compare how people perform when they use Accel Gel running energy gel vs only using water. If you’re trying to increase credibility, don’t link to studies demonstrating things we know to be obviously true.


Energy Gel Experience 

  1. Taste: more of a caramel flavor with a hint of chocolate. Not bad, but not really chocolate. Strange tang.
  2. Consistency (see video): super runny.
  3. Sweetness: mild to medium.
  4. Texture: smooth.
  5. Aftertaste: worse than standard.
  6. Ease of use (see video): tear-top was easy to use. Mouth was fairly wide, which combined with the runny consistency, means you have to aim well or it’ll get all over you.


Energy Gel Health

*Massive Caveat: what is on the package/online at their site vs what is online at REI are two different things. I couldn’t find a press release for a new formula, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m hoping they did change it, because the old formula had Yellow 5 and other such junk. This review will be based on the package I tried.

  1. Quality of Ingredients/ Artificial ingredients: for a running energy gel labeled “all-natural” it seems weird that nothing on their packaging has anything but scientific-sounding names (except salt and cocoa).
  2. Flavorings: Cocoa, “natural” flavors.
  3. Preservatives: none.
  4. Allergens: milk & soy.


Energy Gel Value

$1.75.  Higher than the average price of a gel. In my opinion, you’re paying extra simply for the whey protein.


Energy Gel Bottom Line

Until I’m convinced that the 4:1 carb/protein formula is good during exercise and not just for recovery, I can’t overlook the poor taste, messy consistency, and (perhaps most of all) high price. Check out Amazon for more Accel Gel – Chocolate running energy gel reviews and prices.



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