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Energy Gel Review: Hammer Gel – Chocolate

From the popular cycling-based company Hammer Nutrition, Hammer Gel – Chocolate is their offering in the chocolate energy gel arena. Everything is ranked according to my evaluation criteria.

Hammer Gel Chocolate Total1 Energy Gel Review: Hammer Gel   Chocolate

Energy Gel Performance

1) They spend a lot of time talking about why pure maltodextrin is the best fuel source for running energy.

2) They include BCAA’s as per their research.

3) Their website has the most readily available and comprehensive energy gel research of any of the major companies.


Energy Gel Experience

  1. Taste: you can definitely tell it’s made with cocoa powder. Has that slightly bitter dark chocolate/pure cocoa taste. More of a fudge than a chocolate.
  2. Consistency (see video): medium consistency, i.e. less than caramel but more than a liquid.
  3. Sweetness: Low. Does not balance out the slightly bitter flavor.
  4. Texture: smooth.
  5. Aftertaste: standard.
  6. Ease of use (see video): It’s the biggest package on the market, which also means it’s pretty easy to open without any thought or effort. Thin neck + wide mouth make it easy to get in your mouth without slicing up your lips.


Energy Gel Health

  1. Quality of Ingredients/ Artificial ingredients: Hammer Gel ingredients are decent. There is a low use of scientific names and not an abundance of ingredients. Sadly they don’t use “filtered water” or “sea salt,” which are the easiest brownie points to get. They have something called “energy smart,” but I couldn’t find any info on what it meant.
  2. Flavorings: just cocoa powder (for this flavor)
  3. Preservatives: Potassium sorbate, which is amusing because elsewhere in their literature they state that they hate preservatives and think they’re bad for your health. Go figure.
  4. Allergens: processed in a facility that also processes dairy and soy products.


Energy Gel Value

$1.40. As far as running energy gels go, this is just slightly above average.


Energy Gel Bottom Line

Hammer Nutrition’s strength is its performance research. Everything else it does moderately well, with no serious shortcomings. Check out more Hammer Gel – Chocolate energy gel reviews and prices over at Amazon.



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