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Energy Gel Review: Honey Stinger – Chocolate

This product stays true to its name: Honey Stinger – Chocolate
has a lot to do with honey. The hope is that it also works as a running energy gel. Everything is ranked according to my evaluation criteria.

HoneyStinger Chocolate Total Energy Gel Review: Honey Stinger   Chocolate

Running Energy Gel Performance

1) This product is fortified, flavor enhanced honey. If you have problems with more mainstream running energy, this might be a good alternative.

2) Their website is not very informative. In fact, it made no performance claims to make it stand out from running energy gels. Based on the ingredients listing (which listed by weight), there’s not much maltodextrin in Honey Stinger.


Running Energy Gel Experience

  1. Taste: I had to call in some friends to double check, because to me the only thing I tasted was…honey. No other flavoring at all. My friends agreed there was a hint of chocolate.
  2. Consistency (see video): thin honey (but not annoying thin).
  3. Sweetness: it’s honey.
  4. Texture: honey.
  5. Aftertaste: honey.
  6. Ease of use (see video): easy tear top. Mouth was a bit wide for how runny the stuff is, which increases the potential for messes.


  1.  Quality of Ingredients/ Artificial ingredients: it’s honey! Lots of scientific sounding names due to all the vitamin fortification going on.
  2. Flavorings: Cocoa, “natural” flavors. Oh, and did I mention honey?
  3. Preservatives: None.
  4. Allergens: may contain milk (probably from the chocolate)



$1.39. Only slightly above average…since it’s pretty much just honey.


Bottom Line


If you haven’t figured it out yet…this is honey adapted into a running gel. If you like honey, this might be a great option! If you want something that actually tastes like chocolate…look elsewhere. Check out Amazon for more Honey Stinger – Chocolate reviews and prices.



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