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Top 3 Best Tasting Energy Gels

So I obviously don’t update this site very often (energy gels don’t change that much), but I’ve had several requests for Top XZY lists (take your pick: taste, consistency, price, etc.), so I’m doing a series of “Best of Energy Gels” posts. Now, in no particular order (except what’s important to me!)…

1. Huma Gel Strawberries.

Huma Straw 150x150 Top 3 Best Tasting Energy Gels

Hands-down the best-tasting energy gel on the market. It literally tastes like a Fruit Rollup or strawberry jam. They push their “real food” ingredient list as the source of this, and I believe it. I replicated their experiment of putting it on a bagel and it was AWESOME. I could keep ranting and raving, but try it for yourself: energy gels don’t have to taste bad.

**Note: I did receive free samples of Huma Gel from the owners. However, my opinions are my own.

2. Clif Shot Chocolate.

Clif Shot Chocolate2 150x150 Top 3 Best Tasting Energy Gels

I know people say GU tastes like frosting, while others like how mild Hammer Gel is, but for me (at least in terms of pure taste) Clif Bar takes the cake. The taste was a good mix between the two brands and is something I could snack on during the day without being on a run. Warning: I’ve only taken 3 of them on a run before, so they may suffer from typical gel fatigue if I had to eat more of them.

3. Huma Gel Apple Cinnamon.

Huma AppCinn Pouch stick edit 150x150 Top 3 Best Tasting Energy Gels

Ok, obviously I’m a Huma Gel fan. Unfortunately, I’m just not a huge cinnamon fan. This flavor literally tastes like apple-pie filling though (they aren’t joking on their site), which means that even though I’m not a big cinnamon fan, it’s still head and shoulders better than the other gels out there. I like to use it every now and then as a nice changeup from Huma Strawberries.


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